At E-Logistics Solutions Limited, we have always believed that good values and good business go hand in hand. It’s a part of our culture as well as the way we do things. Sustainability is about future viability and growing our business responsibly, with the aim of ensuring that the future generations enjoy a healthy environment as well as stable economic and social conditions.
Our organization is committed to this guiding principle. We have a tradition of caring for the environment and enriching the quality of lives of the communities we live and work with through a variety of programs. The company has taken small but confident steps in promoting road safety, health, education and environment within the corporation and externally.
The guiding principle of E-Logistics’ Corporate Social Responsibility programs is ‘Empowerment’ where empowerment is a process of strengthening the future today, so that risks are minimized, value created, and certainty is experienced. We strive to ensure that the communities engaged through our CSR initiatives also experience certainty in their lives.

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change


As an educated and aware citizen and as a part of an industry that contributes significantly to carbon footprint, we feel it is our moral and social responsibility to help in whatever small way we can to heal our planet. E-Logistics periodically organizes tree plantation activity also called ‘Plant A Tree Program’ (PATP) across Kenya. 

Plant A Tree Program

Transforming lives by Empowering Children Through Education.

Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we further deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better. At E-Logistics we aspire to ensure that as many children as possible from rural areas in Kenya gets access to quality education.